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    “In 2002, having spent more than three years in one residence for the first time in my life, I got called for jury duty. I show up on time, ready to serve. When we get to the voir dire, the lawyer says to me, “I see you’re an astrophysicist. What’s that?” I answer, “Astrophysics is the laws of physics, applied to the universe—the Big Bang, black holes, that sort of thing.” Then he asks, “What do you teach at Princeton?” and I say, “I teach a class on the evaluation of evidence and the relative unreliability of eyewitness testimony.” Five minutes later, I’m on the street.

    A few years later, jury duty again. The judge states that the defendant is charged with possession of 1,700 milligrams of cocaine. It was found on his body, he was arrested, and he is now on trial. This time, after the Q&A is over, the judge asks us whether there are any questions we’d like to ask the court, and I say, “Yes, Your Honor. Why did you say he was in possession of 1,700 milligrams of cocaine? That equals 1.7 grams. The ‘thousand’ cancels with the ‘milli-’ and you get 1.7 grams, which is less than the weight of a dime.” Again I’m out on the street.”

    powerful Black Science Man

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  3. "Try to be great. Try to give extra. Try to be bold, try to invent your own reality, try to do what’s not been done before. Don’t even get started if you’re going to do some mediocre shit cause there’s so much of that. Don’t do it just to make noise, there’s too much noise. Give me something amazing, give me something new. Give me something I haven’t seen before in a way I haven’t seen it. Let me feel something, find some kind of magic. Go towards something that’s inexplicable. Give it to me, give me something that’s aggressive and gnarly. Chew up the world, come at it from some other place, but just don’t give me the same shit over and over again because I don’t want it."
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  4. "It is not childish to live with uncertainty, to devote oneself to a craft rather than a career, to an idea rather than an institution. It’s courageous and requires courage of the order that the institutionally co-opted are ill equipped to perceive."

    David Mamet in “True and False” (via balltillifall)

    Okay, I feel okay.

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    I normally go into my conversations with a set of proven questions to ask, that I find will elicit a wide variety of anecdotes from people’s lives: happiest moment, saddest moment, things like that. But with people fleeing war, it is absolutely impossible to discuss anything beyond the present moment. Their circumstances are so overpowering, there is absolutely zero room in their minds for any other thoughts. The conversation immediately stalls, because any topic of conversation beyond their present despair seems grossly inappropriate. You realize that without physical security, no other layers of the human experience can exist. “All day they do is cry for home,” she told me. (Dohuk, Iraq)


  8. The Best Life Advice From Reddit AMAs

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  11. A Bronx Tale

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    This is fucking incredible. 

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  15. "I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good."
    — Roald Dahl (via gemological)

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